Take a look at Grand Theft Auto V enhancements


Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC upgrades and enhancements include:


– Seamless integration of new First Person Mode in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online including fully customizable controls, targeting, FOV and more

– New first-person cockpit views for vehicles, with fully re-modeled interiors, including working speedometers, gas dials, radio and instrument panel lighting

– Increased resolution at 1080p at 30fps, 4K compatible for PC

– More than double the draw distance

– New depth of field effects

– High resolution textures

– Over 150 new songs plus new DJ mixes and talk radio

– Dynamically adaptive depth of field

– Increased particle effects quality and number of particle effects rendered on-screen at once

– Improved wind dynamics for clothing, flags, foliage, trees and more

– More realistic fluid dynamics

– Improved weather effects

– Improved damage effects

– Volumetric light pollution

– 3x number of light sources from 360/PS3

– Vehicles from GTA Online Updates now form part of the ambient vehicle population for increased vehicle diversity across the entire world

– Vehicles and weapons from all 11 free GTA Online updates are available in Story Mode from day one

– New land and sea animals

– Animals in the world now have soft fur


Enhancements specifically for Grand Theft Auto Online include:


– Increased player count to 30 players with an additional 2 spectators

– Completely overhauled character creator to allow players a greater range of customization

– Over 120 new props added to the Creator tools for players to use in creating their own content

– Doubled the amount of props allowed in created matches


First Person Mode and GTA Online


The integration of the new first-person mode means players will have the freedom to play GTA Online in either first-person or third person with the ability to seamlessly switch between them on the fly at the touch of a button, both in Free Mode and during matches. In addition, we’ve added the option to toggle match settings to create first-person or third-person only matches, if they choose.


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